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Eva Gregory

“Eva, just a quick note of deep appreciation for your program. The outcomes went way beyond what I expected. I had several very tangible blessings manifest… I created a better job and quadrupled (not a typo) my salary; spent Christmas in a small, secluded beachside hotel in Maui; won a 44-mile road bike race; acquired a brand, customized carbon road bike; attracted an outstanding life coach who has been working with me; preparing to send my son to spend his junior year in college in Barcelona; attracted a loving, fantastic partner whom I adore and the list continues! Let me say that three years ago, I was getting divorced, had no job, and no home. I can confidently say that your loving guidance and interactive class energy contributed significantly to my creations and the momentum that led to them. I deeply appreciate what you offer the world. By honoring your True Strengths, you have served the world well, but more importantly, you have aligned with your Soul! Blessings to you.”
Layton Payne
Eva Gregory 2013-02-14 19:29:10.862321 5.0
“Every day is turning itself towards so many wonderful, new directions. I’m watching myself and where my thoughts go. And so often they are returning themselves to ‘What feels better?’ What a relief! I had prided myself for so long on my ability to quickly determine all that could go wrong from minute to minute. Always ready for disaster. I laugh as I write this. Now I’m watching my thoughts be guided by how I’m feeeeeling. Every day I am thankful for my experiences in all this. I realized that I think of Eva every day in the most fun ways. Like every time I hit my EASY button or realize that I’m doing something from a point of inspiration. I’m now calling this year my ‘EVA-lution’ – like evolution – year. So Eva, thank you for this amazing year. I had no idea how fantastic this joyful ride would carry me. I had no idea that my heart would sing with such fun new ideas and experiences…all of them starting inside my head and heart from listening to your fun and easy suggestions. You rock!”
Jennie Carr
Eva Gregory 2013-02-14 19:28:50.299780 5.0
“I am much better at bringing on clients, and more comfortable with charging higher fees… I now see and truly believe in my value as a coach and I am able to articulate that value to my clients AND I’m making more money. I doubled my income over the last two months…"
Mary Ann Bailey
Eva Gregory 2013-02-14 19:28:27.781563 5.0
“I have more confidence, more clients, set higher fees, grew my list bigger, started my own radio show, changed my niche…to one I’m so delighted with. I’ve added passive income streams to my business and developed a whole social networking presence I didn’t have before. I have so much joy. Everything is easier and bigger.”
Ruth Hegarty
Eva Gregory 2013-02-14 19:28:09.279634 5.0